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The people have spoken over and over again: 
                                    "We Love Rosenblatt Stadium!"

CWS at Rosenblatt !!!


Taken from a June 2003 Omaha World Herald article:

A spokesman for Mayor Mike Fahey said Omaha residents are happy with the three city-owned sports venues - Rosenblatt, the Civic Auditorium and the new arena.

Pete Festersen, the mayor's deputy chief of staff, said that according to a recent city survey, 98 percent of Royals fans are satisfied or very satisfied with Rosenblatt.
Festersen noted Rosenblatt's long history with the Royals and with the College World Series.

"It is the heart of baseball in the community," he said.


Sports Illustrated Website, July 2007
"Top 10 College Sports Venues"





  • This primo needs no demo.


  • I think Omaha's chances of keeping the CWS here will be much higher if we keep the old stadium.  Thank you.


  • Rosenblatt is the not just a baseball field, it's part of the soul that makes the College World Series such a wonderful event. The fact that it is in a neighborhood gives it an old world charm.  The improvements that have been made thus far have helped keep Rosenblatt the wonderful facility that it is. I believe it was stated best by an anonymous interview I listened to via the Omaha World Herald web sit...  "Destroy Rosenblatt?  That is akin to destroying Memorial Stadium in Lincoln!" And Rosenblatt, like Memorial Stadium, has those major things you could never find if a stadium was built in the Nodo area... Atmosphere, charisma, history.  It's the home where legends begin, and the only home for the College World Series.


  • Rosenblatt is the College World Series home and there are to many traditions that have been built over the years.  Keep a good thing were it is at and leave the Blatt stand.  Keep the tradition going at Rosenblatt.  


  • The full potential of the South side area is only beginning to be seen.  Redevelopment of this area can only serve to make the whole city stronger.


  • Rosenblatt is so cool.  I love the atmosphere is provides and the fun it provides for so many people.


  • I have been to many a game there over the last few years and Rosenblatt contains a lot of my memories. My husband is against the demise also. Rosenblatt is a perfectly good stadium. We do not need to demise it and build another just to say we did. Thanks.


  • Why get rid of a place that so much history has been made and so much money put into.
    Who wants to go to gun play area omaha to watch a game. NO Thanks


  • I was born and raised in Ralston my husband and son live for coming there for the college world series


  • Yes!! I am for saving Rosenblatt!!!


  • Replacing Rosenblatt Stadium as the CWS mecca would be devastating to true baseball lovers.  Sorry, NoDo is "nogo" for us.  Wouldn't even think of attending a game in new stadium.  Fahey and the city council have Omaha on the road to losing the CWS with their actions to build a new stadium (NCAA doesn't want "removable seating") and lack of restricting beer vendors (doesn't belong in the family atmosphere of the CWS).  Build the new stadium and it will soon be an empty shell with no CWS, no Omaha Royals and no fans and a big price tag for the Omaha taxpayers.  If Fahey wants a new stadium why doesn't he get his rich land investors to build their own stadium and they can have their own teams and games.  Let's see how quickly that idea develops when the cost is paid for by those who want a new stadium.


  • Leave the CWS here at Rosenblatt.  We have spent to much money to improve this park. This is history, people know where to come for the CWS games.  Let South Omaha have something of importance please.
    Thank You






  • Save it, lets do green way,let's get more land and do a new stadium there and sell the old Blatt to the zoo. We could have this nice community area all together,  Maybe even move th Arts Fair out of the concrete jungle HEAT!!!!


  • I have many childhood memories of this place. Please do not destroy it!


  • Save Rosenblatt a city landmark and the monetary upgrades already invested.


  • Rosenblatt has history, tradition, charm, and it's beautiful, too! 


  • Rosenblatt is the Arrowhead Stadium or the Fenway Park of the NCAA's.  Take notes from Kansas City Cheifs and Boston Red Sox, and few intelligent others!  A great stadium icon cannot be replaced, it can however be improved!  I have been all around the nation to various stadiums/parks, Rosenblatt is still one of my favorites!


  • We need to put the money you would spend on a new stadium into Rosenblatt,there is too much history and we should not destroy it all with building a new one!! Keep what we have and all the memories and history right where it has always been!! Leave well enough alone!!


  • Sometimes "new" is not the best answer. This is one of those times.  Do not change the great atmosphere of the CWS. 


  • Please save rosenblatt!


  • We believe Rosenblatt should be saved.  Building a new ball park downtown will not attract new  people, who are not going to Royals games now, to start attending games, particularly, if they have to pay for parking.  This will cause more congestion downtown, with all the new businesses planned in the area being considered for a new ballpark.  What about Qwest Center events on Royals game nights and during the College World Series? Where will everyone park? If the Royals want a new ballpark, let them pay for it.  No taxpayers' funding.


  • The people of West Omaha need the opportunity to visit South Omaha.  We are not just a community of gangs, graffiti, etc. South Omaha is rich in history and rich with the many different people who have and continue to make it their home.


  • This particular part of Omaha will be ruined if the Stadium is moved. Having the CWS at Rosenblatt is a tradition. We need to keep things as they are. 


  • I look forward to the CWS every year and it would not be the same in any other stadium or another part of town. It should stay where it is. I think that if it was moved poeple would stop coming because it wouldn't be the same.


  • Keep Rosenblatt in South Omaha,  We can improve what is currently there.  Need to keep So.O strong the this helps each year.  Don't need any more new growth in Downtown/No
    it's getting to busy.  Don't add a new stadium.  Please don't dispose of it.Thanks for listening to my comments.


  • I've been attending games there for the past 45 years and would hate to lose such a beautiful stadium.  My Grandpa Foral would turn in his grave!




  • CAN I GET AN AMEN TO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  • Rosenblatt is a staple in Omaha and to college baseball fans everywhere.  Doing away w/ Rosenblatt would be the biggest mistake ever made in the history of baseball.


  • I lived in Council Bluffs almost all my life and I worked during the college world series often.  It would be a shame to lose Rosenblatt.


  • I saw quite a few people wearing Save Rosenblatt T-Shirts this past weekend.  Is there any way I could still get one of those?  Not sure who was selling them.  Anyways, Save Rosenblatt!




  • My greatest memories are of sitting with my dad inside that great stadium.


  • Save the Blatt.




  • From a LSU Tiger fan, can't wait until we're back there winning the CWS!


  • Rosenblatt is the CWS!!! Geaux Tigers!!!


  • Please save Rosenblatt Stadium.  I have never been but many of my friends have and said it really is an awesome college baseball experience.  So please keep Rosenblatt alive because when my LSU TIGERS return to Omaha I want to be there in Rosenblatt Stadium to watch them win another CWS.  Thank You


  • save the second home of LSU tiger baseball


  • As an avid LSU fan, I remember visiting Rosenblatt Stadium back in 2000 for the College World Series, and was impressed with the entire venue.  The NCAA should always keep the College World Series in Omaha, and Omaha should always keep the College World Series at Rosenblatt.


  • Played in Rosenblatt in 1986,87,89,90 & 91.  Rosenblatt is the CWS




  • Can't wait to go back to rosenblatt with my family.
    Geaux LSU!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • I'm an LSU fan, and I have many fond memories of LSU's various trips to Omaha and Rosenblatt Stadium.  Make the enhancements as you see fit, but let's keep that great stadium, and let's keep the CWS in Omaha.


  • I'm an LSU fan, living in MS (close to Miss St).  I've been to Omaha three times to see the tigers play.  Rosenblatt is great, and LSU fans who've been there defend having the CWS there every year.  To move it would make it hard to justify keeping it in Omaha.  Please don't mess with a great thing. Tiger Fan, who loves Rosenblatt.


  • don't do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • If the Series ain't broke, don't fix it!!!


  • CWS at Rosenblatt is a wonderful experience. I have been there 4times and hope the CSW never leaves Rosenblatt.


  • The LSU Tigers LOVE Rosenblatt.....KEEP THE BLATT!...WE WILL BE BACK!


  • Please keep the stadium!!! As a native of Louisiana the stadium holds a special place for LSU and UL-Lafayette(my alma mater).


  • Baseball is built on tradition, and Rosenblatt Stadium is one of THE BEST traditions of college baseball!


  • As an LSU fan who has many great games in Omaha, there is no other place for college baseball's championship to be held.


  • LSU fan that truly enjoyed the experience at Rosenblatt.  It is an ICON and should not be destroyed for progress. 


  • LSU will be back soon enough....


  • im only 17 years old and for my entire childhood going to the CWS at Rosenblatt was my favorite summer time activity.  Moving it somewhere else will make all those memories just that, memories.  I won't get to relive those or give those same memories to my kids.  Please don't move the CWS from Rosenblatt


  • My lifelong sports dream is not the Final Four or the Super Bowl, but a week of glorious baseball in Rosenblatt Stadium. Please do not take that dream away from me before I get a chance to fulfill it!


  • There's a lot of great memories for LSU fans @ this place! I would like the chance to bring my son to watch the Tigers play there one day. Thanks and GEAUX TIGERS !!!
    Joey Langley,... Walker,LA


  • TRADITION!!!!!!!!!!


  • The CWS is not Omaha; it is the tradition that is Rosenblatt.  If you build a new one there will always be someone else willing to build something bigger and/or better or willing to pay more.  It is the tradition that has kept the CWS at Rosenblatt and the tradition should continue even if it means adding on to the current facility or building an annex with dressing room facilities.  Use the money to buy land for parking - but keep CWS and Rosenblatt together. Note:  you will notice that on ESPN.com they referenced moving the CWS to Wrigley Field - not just to Chicago.  The CWS should stay with Rosenblatt - not just Omaha. The stadium is what makes it.


  • Doing away with Rosenblatt stadium would be a travesty. As an LSU fan I have been there many times for the CWS. It is what makes Omaha a great host for this event. Please keep it as it is!


  • Keep the tradition!


  • Under no circumstances should Rosenblatt stadium be abandon as the CWS setting. It must be kept alive!


  • College baseball is not the same without this stadium.  I have some of the greatest memories of my life here.  Please improve it and don't remove it!  We will be back!!! Geaux Tigers!!!!!!


  • Been to this stadium many times and have had some of the greatest memories of my life with my dad there. GEAUX TIGERS


  • A beautiful stadium with tons of history and tradition behind it, the CWS should never be played anywhere else.


  • Don't gid rid of Rosenblatt!!!  No matter how nice the new stadium would be, it would NOT be the same. SAVE ROSENBLATT!!!


  • The people coming in from out of town comment on our beautiful facility and the great location - near the zoo for family enjoyment, and not too far from the old market for grown up fun. There are shuttles to Rosenblatt. There is NOTHING else in NODO for a family to do before or after a game.  KEEP THE BLATT!




  • A new stadium will not solve any of the 'problems' that people perceive with Rosenblatt. Use a fraction of the new stadium costs to update the locker rooms and hallways under the grandstands. Spend a few weeks cleaning and painting and no one will think it's the same place. Parking problems won't be solved by moving downtown.


  • KEEP IT and make improvements!




  • If isn't broke----don't fix it.


  • Leave well enough alone.............


  • DONT MOVE IT!!!! I will NEVER go to the new ball park


  • Too many good memories, Alternatives don't work finacially.


  • Please dont let over 50 years of pride, and tradition be taken away by a bunch of money hungry upper-class that want to kill baseball at its purest, just so they can turn the CWS into their own corporate bizarre. If Rosenblatt dies so does the heart of college baseball.


  • keep it there, don't be dumb


  • Blat forever!


  • It would be wasteful to build a new, SMALLER stadium. The CWS is the best thing for Omaha. Renovate Rosenblatt and keep the series here!!


  • I have lived in the Omaha area all of my life and Rosenblatt Stadium/ College World Series have always been a favorite place of mine.  I am very upset that the city is considering wasting so much money to build an unecessary stadium.  Use this money to do some good for the city.  I'm sure all of the "intelligent" leaders could think of something!!


  • Why throw away a part of our history?  If it was unsalvageable one could understand, but to do so simply to line the pockets of those who want a new stadium makes no sense at all.


  • Bad idea


  • I love "The Blatt"!


  • My father has been a season ticket holder for 25+ years. I have grown up in Section F, Row 22, Seats 21-24. Rosenblatt Stadium is a staple to the CWS. If you take away that stadium, you are taking away the history that makes 10 days in June so special to Omaha. A new stadium makes Omaha just like every other city that might want to host some day. I played baseball at Missouri and had numerous opponents from all over the country ask me about Omaha and especially Johnny Rosenblatt. It would be a shame to demolish the old ball yard on the hill. Please listen to these comments from all of us who have lived the history for all these years. Building a new stadium is not the answer!!! Wrigley and Fenway have found a way to survive all these years...let's make Rosenblatt do the same.


  • Don't break the tradition.


  • I agree.Improve it, Don't Move it!   You know that Oklahoma is just chomping at the bit to take the series away from Omaha..........


  • Save Rosenblatt.  Too many memories there and no need for a new stadium!!!


  • If it isn't broken, don't fix it.....


  • Lets improve what we have


  • Keep Rosenblatt as the Home of the CWS.  Save our History


  • Its kinda like field of dreams- Im afraid if you change it people wont come.  Leave it as is and people will come.  They like old tradition...that is what baseball is. 


  • Save Rosenblatt, get rid of the Mayor


  • Please keep Rosenblatt just as is!!!!




  • Screw the zoo interests that want Rosenblatt to go away - this is the reality of the situation.  The friggin' monkeys, lions and tigers want room to expand.   Wrigley Field and Fenway exude the same aura that make Rosenblatt a special place during the CWS.


  • condemning the "Blatt" would be the absolute worse thing the City of "O" could possible do. No guestion we would lose the CWS forever. Put the money in Rosenblatt and live happily ever after!


  • people may associate the cws with omaha, but they definitely associate it with rosenblatt, with zestos, with the neighborhood. this from an expat in brooklyn, with friends from across the country who second his opinion. do not take the approach that you will fix it by turning out a new stadium with a stripmall. so many stadium constructions have gone bad. it's best to continually work to improve the stadium in its location.


  • I'm sick of the blackmail tactics of both the City and NCAA. we spent 35 million on renovations  and I'm in favor of more improvements, but it's time to stop playing around with the park, fans, Omaha in general.
    This is a stupid idea to have it close to Creighton and the Qwest as if traffic on Cumming is not bad enough during Bluejay games  and I'm not keen on paying for parking for the Royals!!!!!
    The NCAA is always talking about keeping the integrity in athletics, so put your money were your mouth is, LEAVE ROSENBLATT AND THE SERIES WERE IT IS, it's not broken, but the Bowl system is in football is, so FIX THAT!!!!!!!!


  • please don't destroy the CWS history!!


  • Stop lining the pockets of Omaha's corrupt government officials. The Blatt is exactly what Omaha needs. A new ballpark will NOT gurantee the CWS will stay in Omaha.


  • As you have probably already heard, but let me reiterate, when Omaha became the home of the College World Series, Rosenblatt Stadium became a landmark. This isn't the "Field Of Dreams", and we don't have the guarantee that if we "..build it, they will come..." We need to keep Rosenblatt Stadium, as the home of the CWS, and the home of the Royals. If it needs repairs, we need to do it!


  • keep this!  It's an icon for college baseball!


  • Save Rosenblatt!


  • this is tradition..it's history.. can you not honestly see that everyone wants it to stay put. Nothing would be the same.. nothing.


  • Please let me know what I can do to help with this effort.  I saw some t-shirts at the stadium for "Save Rosenblatt".  Where can I purchase these?


  • I work for an A/E Firm in Omaha and we want to know why spend the 50+ million for a new stadium when you can renovate for 20+ and put the rest towards something worthwhile, like our streets? Instead of wasting taxpayers money MIKE, say on, manhole covers, you need to listen to the people who PUT you in office. We don't want OR NEED a new stadium! A new stadium is NOT going to help the Royals play any better!!! Good coaching, recruiting, and teamwork are whats needed for that team. SO get that idea of a new stadium out of your head! We've recalled one Mayor in this city, we the people can do it again!!!! STOP WASTING OUR MONEY!!!


  • Rosenblatt has charm that everyone who comes to the CWS loves. Each year the attendance increases. Why fool with success?


  • Keep Rosenblatt and keep the CWS. They go together. Ask the fans who attend from across the country.


  • Don't let our government be so foolish as to think that frivolously spending our money on a new stadium will actually make the teams play better or draw more attendance. What a ridiculous notion!


  • This is a main stay in College Sports. I lived in the big O for 2 years and have been to 5 CWS. KEEP ROSENBLATT ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • This is so covenient to the interstate ,close to the zoo, easy to park compared to downtown, a landmark family ballpark away from the problems of downtown. IT'S COLLEGE WORLD SERIES STADIUM.


  • The Weitz Company built the press box at the Johnny specifically for the needs of the CWS.


  • Save Rosenblatt and the CWS!


  • Do not move Rosenblatt...we will lose the CWS.


  • As a long Omaha native, now living in the Indianapolis metro area, I strongly oppose abandonning Rosenblatt.  Fifty plus years of history warrants a consideration for local historic landmark.


  • Don't move the series it will backfire in our face!!!!! I have spoken to many out of towner this pass series and all are opposed to this talk...Hopefully that is all it is...


  • The history at Rosenblatt should be upheld by continuing to have the series there.  I would also recommend bringing back dingerville!  It was greatly missed this year!


  • People come to Omaha during the College World Series not because their team came but because of the attmosphere of the Rosenblatt Stadium. If we tear down the Rosenblatt then you are tearing down memories of teams who have won and done the most famous dog pile at the pitcher mound. Also if you tear it down then the saying "The Road to Omaha" is ruined because "The Road to Omaha" is actually the road to our lovely stadium Rosenblatt. I doubt if the College World Series would be the same in a diffrent stadium because it won't have the same feel. So just think about it before you actually tear it down.


  • Dont change the stadium. Dreams were reached and memories were made at that stadium


  • The CWS 2006 was one of the best vacations I have ever had. I absolutely loved Rosenblatt and look forward to returning!


  • Don't we the tax payers have enough debt? Why don't you lower our tax's with that $1,500,000.00 a year you give the zoo?


  • I thought the mayor was suppose to help the city not tear it down?


  • We have enough turmoil in our lives already.  Why cause more?


  • Don't tear down an Omaha Legacy, or push more traffic into downtown by building a competing ball park.


  • If the college world series wants to decrease the amount of alcohol they won't if Fahey moves it because guess what downtown has...BARS. People won't be able to safely park cars after paying a ridiculous rate because well it just isn't safe to park your cars downtown unless you want something stolen. Rosenblatt needs to stay where it is at. People can always go to the zoo after or during a game. The stadium  has always been symbolized with the zoo. Instead of moving the stadium they could at least remodel or even rebuild the stadium where it stands. The Royals would just have to practice somewhere else for awhile but hopefully they would be away at a game. I just thought I would comment and say what I had to say.


  • I grew up in Omaha and can't imagine my hometown without Rosenblatt and the CWS!


  • Anything I have to say are inapropriate choice words for Mike Fahey and we'll just leave it at that.


  • The Greatest Show on Dirt wouldn't be the same without the 'Blatt!!


  • Keep Rosenblatt and add more seats to the outfield!!


  • Putting the tradition aspect aside.  As a land developer on Southern California I can tell you one thing...you CAN'T manufacture atmosphere or character.  I think by looking purely at the dollar value of building a new stadium, the City of Omaha is going to tip the boat.  You won't need all the fancy seating and extra's because nobody is going to show up.  (Me included)




  • It takes YEARS to build tradition, please do not destroy a great thing that many baseball players and fans dream of which is Rosenblatt.


  • Please Save the Blatt!!


  • Keep the CWS alive at Rosenblatt Stadium. You can't take away tradition and the place that starts dreams and memories.


  • Never leave the Blatt!


  • My sons sold t-shirts in the parking lot at Rosenblatt during the CWS.  The code word for the shirts was "doughnut" because they were told not to sell on the stadium property.  They sold around 250 shirts that said:  "Save Rosenblatt" on the front and:  "CWS in Omaha since 1950 You can't move our dirt". Would there be a way to add a listing for the shirts on this website? They would sell for $15.00 plus shipping.


  • SAVE ROSENBLATT!!!! please


  • We go to watch baseball, not swim or entertain little kids.


  • This city does not need to take on the expense of a new stadium and the current stadium has too much history to just tear it down!  We need to keep this.  Location is superior also to one north of downtown.  Put the money intended in a new stadium into updates/changes to the current one! 


  • Keep Rosenblatt






  • Being at the CWS is the only way to kick off the summer! When you are there walking down 13th and make your way to the front w/ the bronzed statue of the players, you are about to feel something special, along w/ 23k people. It is the best summer time event we have in Omaha. We need to keep it there! What is college sports without tradition? We would be taking that away from sports fans.


  • Save the Blatt thats all Omaha got really to do is see the CWS and its also a very fun time it makes Omaha look good this is the Heart of College baseball
    Thanks Save th Blatt


  • Where did this ridiculous idea start??  I grew up going to Omaha Dodgers/Royals games and the CWS at the 'Blatt. I moved back to Nebraska and look forward every year to the CWS and all the atmosphere it has. You cannot replace a baseball landmark with a new "plastic" venue that suits some bigwig's political or economic agenda!! Don't do it, Omaha!!!!  Fix the restrooms etc. and then leave it alone!! 




  • Save it dont move it


  • Anyone against this stadium is no friend of mine!


  • This stadium can be expanded to help KEEP THE CWS HERE!


  • Keep the beautiful expensive stadium in the memorable convenient location that it is in


  • Don't be stupid, keep Rosenblatt!


  • I will never go to the CWS if it is moved


  • Please Please Please Please Please Keep The Blatt everyone love it. It also make NE look good what would Omaha Nebraska Be without it


  • save Rosenblatt


  • Even from this far away, I still would like to see Rosenblatt saved! It is an Omaha tradition. So much excitement!


  • stadium holds to much history to destroy


  • Its tradition.


  • Rosenblatt stadium is a chance of a lifetime to play for college baseball players to be able to play on a field where many greats have played before them its a tradition and an honor and should remain


  • Mess with the stadium you lose the CWS.


  • Families won't be able to afford to attend Royals' games at the new stadium.  Right now concessions are out of sight.  $3.50 for drinks is ridiculous.  What family of four can afford $50 to attend a baseball game more than once a summer?  The big cry is that the new stadium will be more family friendly -- Really?  For the rich, maybe.  The cost of tickets will have to go up to help cover the cost of the new stadium.  I think the whole idea is crazy.  Someone stands to make a lot of money from this deal and will be taking the Omaha taxpayers for a ride. Could it be Mayor Fahey and/or Creighton University?


  • to demolish Rosenblatt would be a SHAME. An absolute shame....
    Omaha can redevelop North Omaha...put some money into the area surrounding Rosenblatt and the Zoo -- it is worth saving!!!!


  • I grew up in Omaha for 48 years, Rosenblatt is part of my home, you must SAVE it !


  • SAVE THE 'BLATT! It would be a shame for the CWS to be somewhere else besides there! It just wouldn't be right. I hope everything goes well!


  • what's happening to Rosenblatt? are they trying to move the cws elsewhere? that sounds pretty ***!


  • CWS is a big part of my life, living in Lincoln..I go down to Omaha every year to watch the CWS at Rosenblatt!


  • We support a proposal to redevelop Rosenblatt and the surrounding area to create an enhanced atmosphere for this great NCAA event.


  • save rosenblatt!!!!!!




  • It would be sad to see a big tradition go down the drain and cws would not be the same.


  • Thats our history


  • you can't tear down that stadium it has way to many memories for to many people, plus it's the greatest thing that comes to Omaha, tearing it down would be like destroying of part of the city


  • there is no way that the cws can be played anywhere but Rosenblatt


  • There's nothing better than Rosenblatt, the CWS and Omaha - why would they change a thing!?!


  • Rosenblatt should stay


  • why build a new one Rosenblatt is a great baseball staudim why build a new one


  • Don't move it!


  • Rosenblatt has history. There's no need for a new stadium.


  • Real
    Natural (Grass)
    Love (of the Game)
    I'm a 46 yr old S.O.B. that grew up a little over a mile from Rosenblatt and attended St. Rose school and church which is a couple blocks South of the Stadium.  I can't begin to count how many times I walked to Rosenblatt in the late 1960's and early 1970's as youngster to watch the Royals and the CWS.  I also had an opportunity as an Over 30 Baseball player to play in a tournament at Rosenblatt.  My first date with my wife was at a 1992 CWS game.  When we got married in 1996, the Royals were out of town that day and we went to the Stadium to have our Wedding pictures taken.  The one of my wife swinging the bat at home plate in her Wedding dress is priceless.  We now take our 2 sons (ages 4 & 8) to many Royals games and to ALL the CWS games.  SAVE ROSENBLATT - Anything else will be a HUGE MISTAKE.


  • I played for the huskers in the 90's, and I know the signifigance the stadium holds for baseball players all over the country.


  • SAVE ROSENBLATT! don't move the CWS you ********!




  • Why get rid of one of Nebraska's icon's that we are popular for? I just don't understand it?


  • The CWS should stay at Rosenblatt that is where it has been for a long time and should stay.... everyone knows it's the best atmosphere and should not be moved!!!


  • although I think a new stadium would be nice there are too many memories that are in the Blatt....and i get free parking!


  • the college world series and rosenblatt go together. you just cant get rid of that.  the coaches and players over it here, dont ruin it for them, the city of omaha, and all the people who travel to watch the cws.


  • rosenblatt is the best stadium you can play in save it please


  • Why waste money when something is already good?  If it ain't broke, don't fix it!  Everybody LOVES Rosenblatt!!


  • I'am 65 yrs old and remember when Lincoln & Omaha played in the old Western league. I have attended many games at the Blatt and would hate to see it torn down just to make room for more Zoo area. I have nothing against the Zoo but they could find room somewhere else.We don't need to spend 50million or more for a new stadium. Somebody wants to fill their pockets with money and don't care what the people want. All the leaders can do, is think of more ways to spend money. The people have had enough, so I guess its time for new leaders.


  • All anyone has to do is watch the video of the UC Irvine team seeing Rosenblatt Stadium for the first time (KETV).  That says it all for keeping the College World Series at Rosenblatt.  Let's not tear down history in favor of cheesy tourist attractions. Who really needs a hot tub in 90 degree weather anyway!  Omaha should strive to keep what makes it a good place to visit.


  • SAVE Jonny Roenblatt Stadium, It's a landmark that is known all over this great country of ours. Teams from all over the USA dream of coming here to play in the World Series of College Baseball


  • Get rid of the mayor instead, we can't afford his upkeep.


  • I grew up in Bellevue in the 50's & 60's with my dad taking me to Omaha Cardinals & Omaha Royals games, not to mention the CWS before ESPN. Don't let them touch our landmark for the sake of modernity!!!  


  • The CWS can only be held at Rosenblatt- a new place would not serve it justice. 


  • save the 'blatt !!!!!!!!!


  • While a downtown ballpark would obviously be an incredible development tool for the NoDo redevolopement, the fact is that the minimum four blocks to build the actual stadium and the total six for the entire complex, CWS village and such, would be too difficult to obtain due to the various land owners and has the potential to overpower this petit redevelopment.  The idea of not only modifying the stadium but also putting money into the rejuevenation of Dear Park Blvd and 13th St would likely create mass reinvestment in eastern South Omaha, provide a justification for a 13th rail transit line, and create a more diversified and sustainably developed metropolitian area.


  • If Rosenblatt gets torn down in favor of a new one, it only guarantees that the CWS will be in Omaha until 2020.  After that, Omaha's argument to keep the CWS is the same argument other cities will use to have their turn to host the event---That Omaha's been the host for over 50 years, and it's time someone else got to host the event.  Omaha has one thing---and only one thing that every other city does not have.  It has Rosenblatt.  That right there is at least half the argument for keeping it in Omaha.  There is no guarantee that Omaha will always be the home of the CWS, but it's chances are much much better at continuing to host the event as long as Rosenblatt is continually updated for the event.


  • Rosenblatt Stadium means so much to anyone whom has spent a summer's evening enjoying baseball as it was meant to be!  It's a treasure to be held dear forever. 


  • My family has enjoyed attending Omaha Royals games and Creighton-Nebraska baseball games. The thought of a new stadium enlightens me, but i don't know who would end up paying for it. Rosenblatt has alot of tradition and I say fix it up and keep the Royals and the College World Series there forever.


  • The College World Series would lose all of it's atmosphere and charm if it moved downtown. Keep it at Rosenblatt, it's not that far from downtown currently!!!


  • Please keep the ballpark where it has been for years. I am a S.O.B.[south omaha boy}, born in south omaha 1953,moved here to ar. in 1989 with the railroad.Played triple A gradeschoolball ball there for st.bridgets school in 7th&8th grade at the stadium and won. That was our field of dreams for those of us who played there. My sister lives on 13th st. right across the st..A ministry gives away FREE WATER in her front yard. My dad , Alex is 85 years old he helps give the water and gives people infoe, he loves it, please don't take it all away, he can't wait for june. The NCAA teams talk about omaha they want to play at omahas rosenblatt where all the dreams where made true.


  • Keep the "BLAT" best place for the CWS and the ROYALS! 


  • dont destroy the best ball park in the U.S.A


  • To me, Rosenblatt Stadium is the CWS. All the improvements over the years have been great, but the mystique of the Old Lady is what makes it what it is and a new stadium just would'nt feel right


  • The history of the College World Series at Rosenblatt is one of the main reasons people around the country strive to get to Omaha. What needs to be done is a CWS museum, with all of the history of the series and Rosenblatt to help keep the CWS in Omaha.


  • This is a piece of nostalgia for Omaha that I don't think should be done away with!! Save Rosenblatt Stadium!!!


  • Save Rosenblatt


  • Thank you for starting this effort to save rosenblatt.


  • Moving this historic ballpark would be a blow to all college sports. Rosenblatt stadium is the Mecca of college baseball. Leave it be; make it better.


  • I'm a long time Omaha resident recently moved to Papillion.  There is no place better for baseball than that beautiful pallbark on the hill.  The No-Do plan should be a No-Go plan!!  Keep Rosenblatt!


  • Why do we need another ballfield?  Arn't our taxes high enough.  Rosenblatt is a fine place, and is a convient spot next to the zoo.  Also, why wasn't the civic remodeled, instead of taxing us more for the Qwest center?  I am sick of being taxed just so we can keep up with big cities like Chicago and New York.  We live in Omaha, and I don't want to be part a big city atmosphere.


  • What a shame it would be to lose such a beautiful stadium.


  • I was hoping someone would do something like this.


  • Keep Rosenblatt Stadium and relocate Fahey


  • Leave Rosenblatt alone - nobody wants a change so why do it!?


  • I think it was the late Jim Valvano who said, "You don't mess with happy".....


  • Please do not take rich Omaha history away.


  • I have great memories of my high school state tournament and the CWS.  I want to be able to bring my kids back and give them the experience of seeing games in that stadium that I had growing up.  Keep the Blatt!


  • Title: President of Hanscom Park Neighborhood Association


  • A new Downtown ballpark makes us no different then any other city that wants to host the tourney.  Omaha has something special with Rosenblatt and people come here to enjoy the historic venue.   I am a season ticket holder of over 20 years and the place is still in great shape.






  • Save the Blat!  It's Omaha history...past and present.


  • I can't think of a more perfect venue for the CWS than Rosenblatt.  I think it's a better use of our money to update Rosenblatt than build a stadium that could top $65 to $70m.  Thank you.


  • Please don't get rid of the Johnny.


  • the only people who want this moved are the people who own the land in the hodo area and a few bus. owners. how about a water park? i have talked to many out of town fans during the series and they cant't believe we would tear this great ball park down!!!


  • There's nothing wrong with Rosenblatt. Ask anyone. It's a premier venue and that fact is noted over and over by the national media each and every June during the CWS. Spending $50+ million on a new facility, in a new location, with no tradition what-so-ever, is simply irresponsible.


  • I first attended Rosenblatt, then Municipal Stadium in 1959. I've watched the Omaha Cardinals, the Omaha Dodgers, the Omaha Royals, and the CWS. It has too much history to be cast aside.


  • Save Rosenblatt


  • Save It!!


  • I am a long time season ticket holder - please save Rosenblatt - we've lost enough history in Omaha.


  • We don't need to abandon our past, we just need to make it better.  Put the money into upgrading Rosenblatt, not building a new facility that will just leave the old area desolate.


  • Why mess with excellence?


  • I think building a new stadium will be a waste of taxpayer money. Rosenblatt has the ambiance of what a college world series game should be--and also the fact that it's in south Omaha helps their community and also drives business in an area that needs it.


  • Part of what makes the CWS such a great experience is the atmosphere which is drawn from where it is located.


  • Rosenblatt Stadium is literally the "Field of Dreams." It would be ashame to let it go.




  • Rosenblatt Stadium is an Omaha icon and its destruction would be a great loss.


  • Love that place!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • we have to save rosenblatt because thats where nebraska got there first ever CWS win..


  • The mayor could spend 1/4 the money to build a new stadium on south omaha, which would do more for Omaha than a brand new building.


  • Save Rosenblatt - listen to the people of Omaha!


  • I agree that it is time that the general public had a say so in these type of decisions.  Mayor Fahey cannot and should not be the lone decision maker in what affects Omaha and the surrounding communities.  He is supposed to be the voice of the people.  Let the people speak!  If you lose Rosenblatt you lose a significant part of Omaha and what people know of Omaha.  I also believe that if you lose Rosenblatt, inevitably you lose the CWS.  SAVE THE BLATT!!!


  • Season ticket holder for 35 years. Please spend money on widening concourses and improving restroom facilities and do not move from Rosenblatt. If stadium is not what Royals want then have them build their own smaller stadium downtown. I think Omaha will find they will be more than happy to stay at Rosenblatt. Renovate stadium before buying houses to convert to a park for all but 12 days a year.   Thanks for setting up the petition. Now I hope the powers that be will listen to the average citizens and not just those wanting to line their own pockets and those with personal agendas.


  • I would love a new NoDo ballpark, but not for the CWS, keep it at The Blatt!


  • As a South Omaha native, I watched Rosenblatt being constructed in the late 40's, went to South High School Football games in the 50's, attended CWS games from the 50's to the 90's, and I oppose the destruction of Omaha's most famous landmark. Although I reside in Oregon, I still own family properties along South Thirteenth Street between M and O Streets.


  • Save the Stadium...We love the atmosphere and nostalgia of the neighborhood!


  • I grew up in the Rosenblatt neighborhood.  I feel this Omaha monument, sitting at the entrance to this state says alot about our city's attitude.  I say let it stand for what it was buit for.


  • Save the Stadium...We love the atmosphere and nostalgia of the neighborhood!


  • what about out of state residents?


  • I grew up with Rosenblatt!!!!-


  • I was born and raised on Omaha.


  • it would be a HUGE mistake to take away Rosenblatt. there is no other substitute not to mention the millions of dollars that was just spent on it just a few years ago!!!!!


  • Save Rosenblatt, improve the surrounding area.


  • NO new stadium could replace the history of Rosenblatt.  Moreover, the city is sadly mistaken if they continue to labor under the impression that a new stadium would have any lasting impact on attendance for the Royals. 


  • Fahey shold go before Rosenblatt


  • I have contacted by councilman, Dr. Thompson and he appears to be sympathetic towards saving Rosenblatt.  Be careful of private money.  Be careful of the ZOO. I'm a 25 year CWS attendee and support you all the way.


  • I feel that spending millions of dollars to build a new stadium is just a big waste of tax payer money.  We have a stadium that suits the job fine and brings in lots of money already, and the CWS likes it just fine!


  • Its part of my childhood


  • Bottom line: I just don't understand why they are even considering the idea of getting rid of Rosenblatt. Not only has it been the home of the CWS for 56 years, but it's an Omaha icon. If it weren't for the Blatt and the CWS Omaha would be half of what it is. I just can't figure out why "city officials" would gamble with losing the CWS. Espetially since gambling is illegal in NE (that's another topic)
    It doesn't make sense to spend $50-$75 million more for a new stadium, when the city still owes $15 mill on Rosenblatt, and it would cost half of the proposed stadium to fix Rosenblatt. Then what happens if they build the new stadium, and the NCAA still says "We're moving to Oklahoma City." Then Omaha is screwed. There goes millions and millions of revenure every year. Plus we're stuck with a brand new staduim that would only actually get used when Creighton plays Nebraska. Even with the smaller stadium the Royals would still only fill 1,000 max (excluding firework night)
    The whole idea is rediculous. And who cares about the Royals. If people really cared that much, maybe they should go to the games. And if Omaha cares that much about the Royals maybe they should get us a winning team one of these years. Nobody likes to see their home team lose. And to close: The "temporary" seating idea is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. Omaha is the mecca of College Baseball soley because of Rosenblatt and it's history. I mean how dumb does "The Road to Oklahoma City" sound?? There is planty more where that came from


  • The CWS belongs at The 'Blatt.  I moved away from good old Nebraska 3 years ago, but still love to come back and enjoy games for a week in June.  There is no better place to watch a game than at Rosenblatt.


  • I grew up in south Omaha and have many great memories of the CWS and Omaha Royals games. It would be a shame to close such a beautiful and historical place.


  • save it I come to series every year and several royals games


  • Thank you for supporting my stadium.


  • Rosenblatt is the home and historic place of the CWS.   If the city takes the money they had set for a new park and expand the concourse and build some park type activities for kids, it would not only benefit the CWS, but all the could possibly expand the attendance for the Omaha Royals games as kids would have a place to have fun once bored with of sitting and watch a game.   There is so much that could be accomplished with renovating Rosenblatt, instead of spending what I think would be more the 75 millions on a new ballpark.


  • Let's save the Blatt!


  • We have  a classic site for the CWS and have put too much money in it to tear it down.  Let the people of Omaha decide the fate of Rosenblatt, NOT just the rich boy politicians!!!


  • Why am I opposed to moving the Johnny? Let me count the ways:
    1) Killing a South Omaha neighborhood to 'save' an unpopulated North Omaha one makes no sense to me.
    2) One of the proposed ideas of the new location is to get more people to go downtown.  The Old Market lost it's charm years ago when it got so flooded with people that you can't park and have to wait two hours to eat.  There are already too many people downtown!
    3) I go to 20+ Royals games a year, and would like to point out to the City that regardless of where the stadium is, people will not go to games until the team's management puts more effort into getting people there.  The stadium or it's location are not to blame!  You wouldn't move the Zoo, would you?
    4) Instead of wasting $50+ M of our money, why not spend $10 - 15 M buing houses on 13th street to create the environment you want, with restaurants and shops.  Also, this would help the city control the beer gardens and merchandisers during the CWS, a big potential money maker for the city (They are there anyway, let's make some revenue off of them by leasing them spots!)


  • Don't even think about it!!


  • This is not about promoting NoDo.  Don't destroy the nostalgic feel we have given to the world of college baseball fans.


  • Please leave it where it's at. Don't mess with a good thing.


  • Rosenblatt rocks...


  • I can't figure out why it is that Fahey wants to change everything that is great about this city? He is spending the money like he owns the town on stupid stuff like a bridge to connect with CB? Who plans on walking to CB?? I am hoping that he realizes the true meaning of Rosenblatt Stadium to the Omaha Metro area and doesn't demolish it. Make the improvements and keep the history!


  • Rosenblatt Stadium has become the majestic icon and the shining beacon for the best in college baseball. It has become synonymous with college baseball. Tearing it down to build a new stadium would be a travesty. I believe this idea of a new stadium is the brainchild of our Mayor and Creighton University. Creighton and their alumni have a lot of money. Let them pay for their own stadium if that's what they want.  Why should we sacrifice Rosenblatt just to satisfy their selfish desires??  I believe that if Fahey and Creighton succeed, it will cost Omaha the CWS. I cannot believe that NCAA wants to just throw away all the history and tradition associated with Rosenblatt and the CWS.
    Long Live Rosenblatt Stadium!!!


  • With original estimates of $50 million for a new ballpark, expect the actual project to top $60 mil+.  Rosenblatt has many problems with the biggest being the size of the concourse and avail. restroom facilities.  With an extensive renovation these issues can be addressed.  This re-design is key to the workability of Rosenblatt. 


  • Thank God someone is doing something to save our Blatt!  Let us know what we can do to help.


  • I use to work on the ground crew at the Blatt. You can never replace the Blatt


  • Keep the CWS at Rosenblatt!




  • Please fix up what we have.  People love this stadium and we don't need to get rid of what can be improved.


  • Rosenblatt Stadium and College World Series go hand in hand.  Certaintly cannot have one without the other.  Please save "The Johnny"


  • We absolutely have to save Rosenblatt - it's an institution!


  • Stop spending MY TAX money on things that are not needed !!!


  • Have you concerned setting up a petition table at the stadium on the 4th? It'd be a great opportunity to get additional signatures.


  • We have lived in Omaha for 10 years, before we moved to the west coast.  Every year, it has been part of our summer plans to return to Rosenblatt for the CWS.  It is a perfect setting.  Keep it.


  • Save Rosenblatt!


  • No better place than Rosenblatt


  • Rosenblatt is an icon that we cannot afford to lose, like the way of Ak-sar-ben & others.


  • I think you should keep the  history  this city  has more cement than Denver


  • There is way too much history to tear down an icon like Rosenblatt Stadium!  The city is always bitching about money, but can turn around and spend the money on a new stadium when there is nothing wrong with the one we have.  Why fix it if it's not broke....if it is a little run down make it better!!!!!  Keep the College World Series in South-O.


  • Removing the CWS from Rosenblatt would be like taking the Cubs out of Wrigley. Being stuck in the neighborhoods of South Omaha is what makes the CWS special. It makes it even more a community event as it is a showcase of Omaha. Move it downtown and take the CWS from being a community loved and driven event, into a big Corporate looking party.


  • My family loves to go to Rosenblatt and hope it stays there.


  • Not an Omaha tax payer; but, my sons and I attend many ball games at the Blatt, never miss the CWS.  The ball park itself is as much of a draw for us as anything, it's a great place and should not be replaced!


  • Building a new facility and tearing down Rosenblatt is ridiculous.The city can't afford what they've added now without tax increases. { a pedestrian bridge..give me a break!) If the Royals want a packed house atmosphere they should try winning more than half their games.


  • Its not always good play "Out with the Old - in with the New" - Rosenblatt, is a Historic ball park, found memories, let's improve it - not destroy it - good money has been spent already and its in a great location.  Question, why can't we have two parks? maybe the new one (if need be) could be Bob Gibson park? Just a thought!


  • save ROSENBLATT by all means


  • Keep the Stadium!


  • I definitely would like to see improvements made to Rosenblatt and I feel the location right off of I80 is important for Omaha so that all of those people that are traveling thru Omaha on I80 see it and say "Oh yeah, Omaha is where the College World Series is played.".  Also, I believe the cost to built an equivlaent new stadium would be a lot more than 50 million $.  If Creighton and the Royals want a new Stadium then let them pay for it and build it on their own.


  • Quit spending my tax money on NEW things that don't pan out.  i.e. HILTON Hotel


  • I grew up in Omaha and now live in Lincoln for work purposes only.  I attended two games at this year's CWS.  While NoDo is a good place, it can not replace the historic aspects of Rosenblatt and its current location.


  • it's such a pleasure have every year all those visitors from out of town walking thru are neighbors


  • Keep Rosenblatt. I won't attend the College World Series anywhere else.


  • Use the money intended for a new stadium to extend the future tram line to the zoo and Rosenblatt.


  • Even though I live at Creighton, and having the CWS and Royals games just a short walk from my home would be convenient, I think Rosenblatt is a wonderful stadium and needs to be saved.  Why tear down a landmark just to build some cookie-cutter stadium that will probably be torn down itself in thirty years?


  • If Rosenblatt Stadium is torn down, years of tradition will be lost - not to mention the possible loss of the CWS itself!  The loss of revenue would be substantial.  Instead of "Build it and they will come...." it should be "Improve Rosenblatt and they will continue to stay!" 


  • I love Rosenblatt.  I like the ability to go to the zoo in the morning and then go to the game in the afternoon or evening.  Keep it together!


  • Grow South Omaha along with North Omaha - and let's rename NoDo  to RiverDo or something more positive


  • Preserve the stadium and allow more development to occur near Roseblatt that will enhance that part of our city.


  • People come to Omaha to see Rosenblatt Stadium, without Rosenblatt there is no CWS.  Temporary Seating??  Does not seem like a viable or smart business decision.


  • I probably wouldn't attend the event if it wasn't at Rosenblatt....it just wouldn't be the same!!!


  • It is absolutley pointless to destroy Rosenblatt!!!


  • Leave it where it is and give that part of the community some of the revenue that the CWS brings to Omaha.  If it is not broke, don't try to fix it, only make it better where it is!


  • Rosenblatt is the heart of the College World Series.  A new location just wouldn't be the same. The zoo makes the perfect skyline for the game, and that's something a new location also couldn't provide.  Zesto's, South O, the zoo, Rosenblatt stadium...they are all the heart of the colege world series.


  • It would be nice if our civic leaders took as much consideration for what is good for Omaha, as what will do best for their political career/aspirations.


  • Agree with you completely - there is something sinister afoot about the Mayor wanting to shove a NoDo ballpark down our throats, not in the best interest of Omaha baseball (I work and play in Omaha daily). Thanks and good luck!


  • There is not enough space to tell all the stories/memories of 50yrs. My son came here every year.He is deceased. But, he now  has the best view of all. We took one of his snapshots from right field and had it carved on his headstone.Just think of the recent tribute to the team from Ohio who lost their coach and some players. There is heart for this place called the Blatt. And one of the coaches or the  media said it best. There is something about coming of that interstate and seeing Johnny Rosenblatt Stadium.


  • instead of using money to build a new stadium, use it to feed the homeless and other needy people.


  • Save Rosenblatt.  Take care of what we have!!


  • Thank you for your consideration.  Rosenblatt is definitely worth saving.  It is part of Omaha's history. Use the monies we save in renovating rather than moving the stadium towards bringing more businesses to Omaha to create growth and jobs. Council Bluffs seems to be much more aggressive with respect to luring business and job growth. Again, thank you for your consideration.


  • Please don't move the CWS from Rosenblatt!  The park is part of the experience of the games and people come for the whole experience.  It wouldn't be the same anywhere else!


  • Keep the Blatt, one of the nicest parks in the country.  The real reason behind the push is for PAID parking by the Qwest center (the one we were promised that the taxpayers would never have to pay for). A new stadium would never pay for it's self.


  • I have heard that the new proposed stadium is to hold around 10-15 thousand. I don't think the CWS would stick around if the new stadium was smaller than Rosenblatt.  If Mayor Fahey wants to be known as the IDIOT that lost Omaha the CWS, let him build the new stadium.  If he doesn't want that label, then lets put the money into Rosenblatt.


  • I lived in Omaha for 17 years and even had teh pleasure of working at the Blatt.  The college world series would not be the same without it.  Any body can build a new place but no one can build the Blatt.


  • Why does the mayor think that everything has to be downtown and create more traffic problems?


  • Rosenblatt is a great stadium and the area welcomes the CWS and the Royals.   It would be a waste to build a brand new stadium downtown.  If necessary, make the improvements to Rosenblatt to keep the CWS here.


  • I am excited about develepment in the Nodo area, but a stadium is NOT what it needs. Developing the surrounding area of Rosenblatt is what needs to be done.


  • I grew up in Omaha and always went to Rosenblatt for the CWS and Omaha Royals games.  I was just in Omaha last week and devistated to find out that they want to rebuild a stadium downtown!  Do not take away the heritage that Roosenblatt contains for Omaha!!  Keep it where it is!!


  • You said it best, Rosenblatt has the tradition and mystique that no new stadium in any other city can beat.  That is why we have a leg up in keeping the CWS.  As soon as we move it to a new staduim we will be competing to keep it from every other city with a new staduim.  Loose loose for Omaha and the tradition of CWS.  Rosenblatt is the legacy that Omaha has given to the CWS.  Lets invest in it but also respect its significance.


  • Rosenblatt Stadium is an institution in this town.  I am as much for upgraded and growing our home as anyone, but not at the expense of tearing down our history.  Growing up, my father used to take me to watch the Royals, and I will never forget the first time I got to go on to that field to watch the annual 4th of July celebration.  These are memories that I hope and want to be able to pass on to my son.  There are so many other things that could be done to help Omaha, why do something to hurt it?  Please Mayor Fahey, don't make another bad decision and take "The Jonny" away from us.


  • save it....


  • Such a beautiful stadium - just the right size for the CWS - don't change a thing!


  • I vehemently oppose tearing down this Omaha landmark!


  • Save the Blatt!!


  • This is my opinion.  I believe if the Mayor wants a new stadium;  he should pay for it out of his own pocket rather than with tax payers dollars.


  • I'm glad someone is taking action against this proposal.  Rosenblatt is to Omaha, what Memorial Stadium is to Lincoln. 


  • I love the Blatt!






  • Rosenblatt is a piece of Omaha history. It is pertinent part of the South Omaha area. It belongs near I-80 and the zoo. 


  • Save the stadium. Why build elsewhere. That piece of history should stay!


  • Do not build the new stadium.  Nobody will go and watch the Royals anyway and it will cost taxpayers significantly more money.


  • I have lived in Omaha my entire life and tearing down Rosanblatt would be travisty.  Rosenblat is a major part of Omaha.


  • Rosenblatt is the CWS Stadium. I'm sure some neighbors don't like all the racket during the CWS, but we been having the CWS there since 1950. They have added many new seats to help out with the crowds wich is great!!! The history with the stadium is what it is all about. My Grandpa & Dad took me down there when I was a kid, and it was great, best seats in the stadium cause we were there as a family. Now I have taken my daughter there for games and showed her were we sat when we first came down here. She thought that was so cool.  Remember its HISTORY at the old ball park!!!


  • Save Rosenblatt!  Along with the rest of Omaha, I grew up there!


  • Don't let Rosenblatt be the next Aksarben!


  • I love Rosenblatt. It can never be replaced.


  • We don't need to spend more $$ on a field.  Cut our taxes instead!


  • It would never be the same if the CWS was played some where else.


  • This would be a good time for Polititians to listen to their voters!


  • SAVE ROSENBLATT!!!!!!!!!!


  • There is no way Omaha needs to replace Rosenblatt.  Other than the CWS we don't even come close to filling the stadium with spectators.  How ridiculous.


  • not only will my taxes have to pay to destroy this sound and viable structure, I will then be taxed to build a new stadium.  What a waste of my hard-earned dollars!


  • We would lose the CWS definitely if we build a new stadium. Rosenblatt is the field on the hill and nothing can replace that. Ask any college ball player the feeling they got the first time they saw the stadium - nothing can be better then that. I would not feel safe downtown if the stadium moves.


  • I have lived on 14th street for 28 years. I couldn't imagine not hearing the crowd and even the organ from my backyard.


  • Much like Mr. Poppe, a true friend of the Mancuso family, Rosenblatt has been a back yard for the Mancuso Family (Joe, Chick, Charlie, Frank, and my Dad). Literally they have there blood, sweat and tears in efforts to make Rosenblatt what it is today. It would be a shame if what they have helped develop into Omaha's Finest Jewel and all the history this place has endured comes down to make a parking lot.


  • I urge the City officials before they act and build this new and improved stadium to jumpstart "NODO", Think about what is on the table. The History of the College World Series, no other City can put this on the table. Move this stadium you might as well take it off the table. Ask the Baseball players that have played in this stadium, especially those that have gone on to play professional baseball, Omaha isn't what they remember it is the magic they felt when playing in that Stadium on that field  they hold on to as there memories. The people of Omaha just want them to remember we were apart of helping make that magic and any city can do that. So, to take the History of playing at Omaha's Rosenblatt Stadium off the table, takes off the magic and can no longer be shared generation to generation.


  • Save Rosenblatt! Moving the CWS downtown would kill the atmosphere that makes having the CWS in Omaha so unique and so great.


  • I support this Organization And believe The CWS should Forever be played at this Stadium.Improvements,Improvements, Improvements.


  • Just redo the Rosenblatt Stadium. We don't need a new one. Keep it just like it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Can't Omaha get a clue?  The CWS at Rosenblatt is one of the icons of Omaha - LEAVE IT WHERE IT IS!  People love the South O atmosphere.  Thank God Council Bluffs has their **** together!


  • Keep politic's out of the discussion and do what's right for the citizen's of Omaha and the thousands of people who believe that Rosenblatt Stadium should be the only home for the CWS. Make the structual repairs necessary and secure adequate parking for season tickt holders. If necessary, pursue property adjacient to the stadium where beer gardens are located in order to obtain additional parking. Thanks for listening.


  • Really Believe this is where the series should stay Sometimes it is all about tradition.


  • when you get something right you leave it alone


  • You can't take away a landmark like this. Losing this staduim means losing fans.


  • Rosenblatt is great.  The field is beautiful and is a staple of college baseball that should not be taken away before its time. 


  • It is in my opinion a waste of money to tear down Rosenblatt and build a new stadium. I would think that the money it would take to build a new stadium could be put to much better use. We no longer have the funds to help the homeless, but we can build a new stadium??? Somebody's priorities are severly messed up. Building a new stadium will not increase the number of attendee's at any game anyway.


  • It is a great place to go see a game.  I attended several CWS's in the past and every time I went I appreciated the improvements that were made.  Those changes along with the good games themselves (Royals and CWS) make it a fun place to take the whole family.  Save this gem, and create better "year-round" destination in NoDo, or use the land to lure more better paying jobs to the area that are more accessible to the folks in North Omaha.


  • Why move something that has been so successful for over 50 years.


  • Save the stadium!!! Lots of memories for alot of people... Alot of money has been spent to update it... 


  • Everything that has made the series attractive and unique is slowly being stripped away. Save the stadium and get back to the ideals that make the series a national attraction.


  • Keep Rosenblatt at it's current location.  Don't break the tradition.  This is a landmark of Omaha, as well as an icon for college sports.


  • I don't believe that we should move Rosenblatt downtown. I thknit is perfect where it is at. Just improve it to the standards of the NCAA


  • It is one of the nicest stadiums around and a lot of work gets put into it every year.  the CWS would not be the same elsewhere


  • I think it would be a very SAD day if we ever lost Rosenblatt. It is a part of Omaha and has been here for years! Sometimes bigger is not always better !!


  • Stick with history.....stick with what works! Save Rosenblatt - "Improve it, don't remove it!"
    Proud South Omaha Boy of 52 years,


  • The CWS would never be the same if it moved from Rosenblatt. If the city of Omaha and us as season ticket holders have already spent considerable sums of money to improve the place to keep the NCAA happy with hosting it here, why not just keep continuing to improve it to meet their needs and keep the series where it belongs.


  • I believe that we risk losing the CWS by changing the venue.




  • Rosenblatt is a classic, beautiful ballpark.  This year I spoke with many people from OUT of the state about the ballpark.  Every single one thought that this ballpark was spectacular.


  • Please do not let Rosenblatt get torn down! We need this in our community! Shouldn't this constitute as a historical landmark, since so much of our history as a city has revolved around it?


  • I believe moving the College World Series out of Rosenblatt would be the first step in moving the College World Series Out of Omaha.  The tradition would be lost. Once you leave the Blatt, you open the door to shopping every other city. Moving downtown would be a joke.  More congestion with Qwest. It just gives the city an opportunity to sell more parking their stalls rather than the private citizens making a couple of bucks. Most of the out of towners are already staying at the hotels either downtown or across the city.  After the games they will probably still go back to their hotels just to get away from the congestion downtown rather than hang out around the kaos.  Why do you thing people leave the games before they are over. The locals will go to their usual places whether it is downtown or out west. They won't be tempted to stay downtown. And if I'm wrong and most people do stay and go to the surrounding bars and restaurants, you will need twice the parking because on a 2 sesion day the first sesion people won't move their cars before the second sesion starts. If the Royals don't want to look at empty seats, do something to fill them or cover them with advertising. Let the Old Market Merchants pay for a free shuttle service from the Blatt if they want people to go downtown and spend money.  People will eat dinner either way and the out west restaurants are no less important that the downtown ones. I can go on. Say No to the Doe


  • Don't waste the money already spent.


  • No need for a new stadium, unless we get a Major League team.  The 'Blatt will do just fine.


  • I am sick of Omaha officials tearing down anything with history attached to it and without asking the public to vote on it.




  • My fondest memories have to do with football not baseball. My high school played its home footbal games at the stadium.  Some of the best football games I ever saw occurred there.


  • Take a hard look at what this stadium means to the people of not only Omaha but to all the people that have visited in the past years and the kids that have played ball here.  It is a shame that people always want to destroy history. My suggestion is to keep the stadium and the tradition.


  • The NoDo (that's not a very positive choice of title, is it?) Stadium idea appears to be an idea, not to keep the CWS in Omaha for eternity, but, an idea to help the struggling downtown convention center. Sure, the arena is doing really well, but, the convention center, and the anchor Hilton (city owned) hotel are really struggling. Mayor Fahey sees movement of the CWS to downtown as a way to get two weeks of booking into the convention center, and help the Hilton Hotel. It's also a plan to help Henry Doorly Zoo which would obviously love that access from 13th street. When the media suggests, and the Mayor suggests that the NoDo proposition is just for the CWS, it is not entirely true. The proposed NoDo Stadium would benefit the Zoo and the struggling convention center and hotel.
    Unfortunately, big shots in town, suggesting that this is a done deal, are probably hurting the Mayor's proposal. It's interesting that the Omaha World Herald has not done a poll to see if Nebraska Tax payers would support another bond issue to build a downtown stadium. Maybe there has been a poll, and they don't want anyone to see the results.
    Here's an idea: Build a trolley system that starts at the Qwest Center, runs by the Old Market, down 10th street, all the way to Rosenblatt. People could use those nice parking lots at the Qwest Center, hop on the trolleys and catch a ball game.


  • I sign in honor of my dad Joe Pane, he loved that place.


  • with all the improvements at rosenblatt i feel that it would be a waste to build another stadium and demo rosenblatt.  It has been here for many years and i can think of other things that could be built instead of nother stadium.


  • Rosenblatt Stadium is a piece of our Omaha history!  Please don't destroy our landmark.


  • Why destroy a beautiful stadium??  Only the bureaucrats want this new "cozy" ballpark!


  • This park is a relic, and a visit to the stadium is a staple for the beginning of summer.  Tearing down Rosenblatt would be a travesty and really deal a blow to baseball in general.  Please save the park and update as necessary, it is the best (and should be the only) option pursued.


  • I grew up with Rosenblatt. Let well enough be.


  • We need to save the "classic ballparks" like Rosenblatt whatever it takes.


  • Save the Blatt!!!!   I have attended CWS and Royals game since I was little.   CWS would not be the same anywhere else.


  • The people as a whole do not seem to want the change.  Why can't we be listened to at least this once?


  • the idea to build a new stadium is for the rich to get richer. i have heard mayor fahey owns the land where the want to build the stadium. also qwest would benefit with the parking. can't they leave well enough alone.


  • Its a part of the history of Omaha and its time to stop destroying our history.


  • Rosenblatt has been a part of this city for as long as I can remember.  Changing tradition isn't always the best thing to do.  Some things don't need to change.


  • Rosenblatt Stadium has been a source of a lot of great memories for me and my daughters.  It helped develop their love of baseball.  It would be a shame to tear down something that has made so many memories for me and others in Omaha and the country (CWS).


  • We have attended the CWS for many years and feel the tradition can never be replaced. Do we have to have everything downtown Omaha? Parking is a problem and for Sr Citzens  driving downtown is a problem....one reason we don't attend as many functions at the Quest.


  • I am for Saving Rosenblatt--There should be no other alternative on the table to considder.
    $50,000,000 Is The Stated Cost For A Ball Park Down Town.
    How-a-bout the Actual Cost, Being Much More?
    We function in a society where consultants are hired at the drop of a hat and when politically charged direction requires the engineering of public opinion.  Good sense and intelligence, which our community is blessed with, seems to have been checked at the door on this proposed boondoggle.  Yes, there a number of cities that have adopted this proposed concept but, they are not in the same circumstance as Omaha.  How about:  the $15,000,000 in interest; the cost of setting up the temporary bleachers and storing them plus a host of others?  These are the costs that have to be covered and they certainly are calculable and projectable without a doubt.  In this evolving sterile, bottled water world, we are destroying the very venue that we are seeking to protect.  What would the College World Series be like without the electrifying carnival atmosphere that is only seen by the transformation of 13th street 10 days per year.  We have already sent Dinger Ville packing--an unfortuna!
     te loss of memories to many visitors.  With the increased costs of repositioning the baseball venue, the days of being able to keep baseball games affordable to our youth (all of us), along with the necessary hot dogs and popcornit is fast become an activity for the privileged and what a terrible thing that would be.
    I suggest that if we have those that are willing to step up to the plate and make contributions to this cause and a city that is willing to sign on for servicing and carrying the debt, maintain and operate this venue, certainly financing an alternative plan far less expensive and supportive of the Good Life should be welcomed.  Such proposals might be a subsidized professional promotional staff for Rosenblatt, Inter city and city wide programs for ticket distribution; subsidized public transportationcity busses operate with excess available capacity such that either reduced or no fair passes to the stadium would not be a cost but might even educate youth to using metro mass transit.  Tickets given by teachers, principals, police officers, little league coaches and others as rewards for good behavior and accomplishment with good marketing and creative stadium programming could be a revitalizing force to attendance growth. 
    We have lost sight of the fact that the Omaha Royals is a feeder club to the Kansas City Royalswhen a player is in a slump he comes to Omaha and when he improves he leaves.  It has to be a very special crowd to view this as their team where outside forces dictates team membership and the I am trying to improve dominates the players psyche.


  • Tradition is what matters more then a new facility.  Don't tear down something that is such a part of the place I grew up!


  • Do not move this championship anywhere. OMAHA is what college baseball is all about and a long lost rally call in collegiate athletics (let the final 4 and the BCS move around, trust me college baseball loves the CWS in OMAHA). Move the WCWS, the F($)4 and any other championship, but don't you dare touch OMAHA or ROSENBLATT


  • I walked the grounds as it was being built from beginning to completion.


  • My happiest moments from my childhood are from Rosenblatt.  Not only is it TOO DAMN NICE to tear down, its meanings to many people are far too important


  • Are you kidding me, I am here in Switzerland, but a legal Omaha resident, and I read that after all of the years of expansions and improvements to Rosenblatt Stadium, that they want to build something else downtown and get rid of one of the storied baseball fields of our nation's history.  The hell with the Royals, and even when it comes to it, the hell with the NCAA, the fact is, they will eventually go somewhere else, no matter what Omaha does.  Rosenblatt Stadium is ingrained in Omaha as an institution as well as being a great, relatively modern facility that remains a perfect fit for a medium sized city, that has no major league team, nor could even try to think about supporting one.  If the AAA Royals don't like the fact that they cannot come close to filling this stadium, let them go somewhere else, because some other franchise will be glad to take their place.  Don't give in to a third rate organization that lacks marketing know-how to put bodies into seats, !
    and that uses the excuse, that the stadium is too large.  Tell them to raise the level of their game, (marketing and creative advertising-wise), or take their game somewhere else.  Omaha, don't be like countless other cities that have wasted their taxpayers money and or just plain wasted a good facility because some spoiled rich person or group of people just had to have something new and improved.  Sincerely, James A. Woods Jr.  Bern Switzerland


  • It has become one of the better stadiums in the NCAA.  Improvements have been made right along and now someone evidently has property that they want to develop on so we are expected to pay for this new stadium which we do not nee.


  • strongly oppose moving - building new stadium chreighton or royals can buid thier own! if the royals paid their fare share we wouldn't have to use bonds,etc to take care of rosenblatt!




  • Why would you even think about closing down Rosenblatt Field??? This is the only landmark, tourist atraction that Omaha has going for them. This field is what makes Omaha, Omaha!!!!


  • rosenblatt field is omaha's main attraction besides the zoo. you take it down and omaha will be a boring plain city.


  • My kids love that stadium.... I grew up around there. It needs improvements but not a new one!!!!


  • I realize I am a Sapry County resident, but have been an avid CWS fan, long before our move to Omaha in 1983. Why in heavens name built a new stadium  you can add on to (to appease the CWS officials) when Rosenblatt is so steeped in tradition and people nationwide recognize it as a symbol of Omaha's College World Series. Even the "dome" at the zoo is becoming a familiar sight to those all over the US....again, linking Omaha & CWS in their hearts and minds. I've gotten splinters from the old wooden bleachers (back when a general admission could get you a front row seat on 1st or 3rd base line) and I've enjoyed sitting behind home plate numerous times!There is nothing like the Blatt for Omaha Royals baseball, 4th of July fireworks extravaganza and, of course, CWS. The park embraces the folks who attend. Thanks for letting me express my personal feelings.


  • I have only been to Rosenblatt Stadium a few times, but I feel all the work that has been put into Rosenblatt for the betterment of the Omaha Royals and the all important College World Series have made both of these attractions that people come to Omaha to see.
    I don't see the need to replace it with something in North Omaha. I am glad that we are regentrifying NorthOmaha, but why the expense of a new ball field when I don't know anyone who would travel the extra distance to see something new.
    Rosenblatt is centrally located for Interstate travel when it comes to the many fans of the CWS. The stadium has it's own exit off of I-80. You can't replace that with a stadium in NorthOmaha. 


  • tax dollars can be better used than a ridulous change of stadiums


  • dont build a new stadium..save the blatt!


  • My dad played at Rosenblatt.  I remember playing for city championships in Rosenblatt.  I remember high school championship games being played in Rosenblatt.  I go to College World Series games.  It is the heart of the College World Series.  Please keep it as such!


  • Leave it alone.


  • Rosenblatt lives


  • Shame on you and you and you for wanting to tear down Rosenblatt......


  • I currently live in Arkansas, but lived over 30 years in Omaha. Some of my fondest memories are of attending the College World Series at Rosenblatt. Please don't cloud these memories by moving the games elsewhere.


  • This is an event that the city of Omaha can not afford to lose. It is a tradition in omaha and tradition is one thing that we can control in Omaha.


  • I'm interested in volunteering to help in any way I can to save Rosenblatt. Please feel free to contact me.


  • We have a great place. We don't need to waste more tax dollars!!


  • I love this place.... a lot of good times.


  • We have enjoyed the CWS for many years and we raised our children taking them to the CWS and other events there for many years---- we pray we can keep the CWS right where it is-----


  • I just want to say that I think it would be a travesty to get rid of Rosenblatt Stadium!This is where the College World Series belongs!! A VERY concerned fan


  • Keep Rosenblatt.  Do not bild another stadium.  It would be  a crime to move it.
    Plus the cost to us taxpayers.


  • To take this stadium would be a tragedy not only for the NCAA. but for omaha and its proud fans as well.


  • save it


  • New isn't always BETTER!!




  • Add our names to the petition to save Omaha. As the OWH did such a misable job in not clearly showing your webs sight, we suggest they give you committee more support and if no, take out some brief newspaper adds naming the web site and get the TV stations to cover you story including giving out your web site. Good luch on you efforts


  • The parking and traffic would be worse. Those are two of the reasons you won't see me very often at the qwest or civic, today. A white elephant if I ever heard of one. Do something else to the NO-DO area.   


  • We have been going to the College World Series for the last 15 years, and can not imagine going anywhere else.  We also go to the Omaha Royals when we can, and love the stadium.